jakarta… bali… sydney…

how r u there? it’s been cold in here.. yesterday was 6-16 degrees but now it’s warmer now, it’s about 7-18 degrees… i’ve made a lot of friends here… new friends… coming from all countries around the world… and esp, i’ve made a good relationship from those in Taiwan and Germany… i like the food, because i like bread, cheesse, meat, vegetables… but all my friends from indonesia don’t like it… it’s a shame… i sleep in St. Ignatius College in riverview, lane cove, sydney… it’s a catholic college, all boys… i was lucky, i sleep in dormitory, many of the others participant sleep in a hall or classroom with sleeping bed… i had a spring bed!!! 🙂 it’s a HUGE COLLEGE!!! almost half of UI… and the facilities,,, WAO!!!! i really want to stay in here and school in here… i had a very amazing time! last night, we had a barberque at the yard, and there was a live music… we all dancing… oh such a great time!!! so, how’s life in there? i look forward to see u soon!!


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